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Welcome to Speedi Wings & Wheels,incorporating

The FREE Online Aviation & Motorsport Magazine

Featuring News, Events, Features, Show Reports, Reviews and much more from around North America & Europe. Produced by an editorial team who are passionate about aviation & motorsport. Our North America Editor even lives at the world's largest Fly-in community – Spruce Creek Fly-in, near Daytona Beach, Florida. We have contributors on the West Coast, in Canada and Wisconsin – the home of EAA and the world's largest annual aviation event AirVenture – and nationwide.

Produced only in digital format Speedi Wings & Wheels brings readers great photographic & video features. Think of the magazine as a wide format picture book crammed full of aviation & motorsport news, photos & videos of all kinds. Indeed, we welcome photographic & video contributions from fellow enthusiasts around the world.

There's no sign-up requirements, readers will not be pestered with emails but we'd like readers to spread the word about Speedi Wings & Wheels and our SpeediStevie youtube channel. Just check the website every 2 months and click on the Read Issues link above - or bookmark our constantly updated Aviation Weather page - use it regularly and you’ll find that the cover of the latest issue will be displayed there to alert you to each new issue.

Each issue is available in a variety of pdf formats, ranging in file size from a Mobile/Android - iOS version, a SD version and a Full HD version (suitable for printing) -   see the “Magazine” pages for full details.

All Content © Copyright 2012 to 2024 Speedi TV / Speedi.TV / Speedi Wings & Wheels - All Rights Reserved - For Privacy / Cookie Policy click here

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